When editing settings within a quiz, you’ll see a list of review options to use during or after a quiz attempt. These options control what a student will see regarding specific answers and final quiz scores. Most review options will not apply to essay-style questions.

The Review options settings are above. You’ll see that there are four lists with the same options. You can always select the question mark icon when you’d like more information regarding an item within any settings page.

You’ll notice that some options are not highlighted for During the Attempt—this is because they are either automatically shown, or they are options that can’t be shown until after a quiz is finished. For example, Overall Feedback can’t be shown until a quiz attempt has closed.

Please note that none of the After the quiz is closed options will work if a close date is not enabled for the quiz.

The Attempt

The attempt represents the question content within a quiz.

Whether Correct

Whether correct represents the idea that a student can see if they answered a specific question correctly or incorrectly.


Marks represents the amount of points earned for each question. The Marks option needs to be checked for the quiz grade to appear in the grade book.

Specific Feedback

Specific feedback is usually a sentence or two regarding a correct or incorrect answer. For example, if a student answers a specific question correctly, you can give feedback regarding that answer alone.

General Feedback

General feedback can be a sentence or two regarding the question itself. This is a message students will get whether they answer correctly or incorrectly.

Right Answer

Right answer will show the student the correct answer for a question. Many instructors will leave this unchecked in the case of more than one attempt allowed on a quiz.

Overall Feedback

Overall feedback is a message the student will receive regarding how they scored on the quiz. You can set several different messages to appear for students who scored differently.

Setting Overall Feedback

To set a quiz’s overall feedback, scroll down on the same quiz settings page to the Overall feedback section. You can set several grade boundaries; 100% is automatically the first boundary. Type your message into the corresponding text box.

Please view the How to Edit a Quiz Question article to learn more about setting review options within specific questions.