1. Access the quiz to which you’d like to add images.
  2. Locate the Administration Under Quiz Administration, select Edit Quiz.quizimageadmin
  3. Locate the question that needs an image added and select the edit icon to the left of the question text. This icon may be a gear or a wrench.imagegear
  4. Click where you would like the image located within the question textbox.
  5. Click the image icon in the editor.imageeditor
  6. The Image pop-up will appear. Click Browse Repositories…imageproperties
  7. The File Picker window will appear. Click Browse to find and select an image on your computer.
  8. Click the Upload This File A preview image will appear in the image pop-up.
  9. Be sure to add an image description for students using a screen reader. Otherwise, these students will not know what the image depicts. Be careful not to give the answer away in the description.imageproperties2
  10. Click the Save Image