Select the course you wish to import from and click Continue. You will only be able to import items from other courses in which you are enrolled as an instructor. You will need to search the full course code to pull up the correct course content.


You will be presented with the Backup Settings page. Use the check boxes for import activities, blocks, and/or filters for types of items, which will show on the next screen. You will then click the Next button to continue. If you would like to import all content from the previous course, click the Jump to final step button.


Select the elements you would like to include in the import in the schema settings step.


Review and click Perform import or click the Cancel or Previous buttons. The confirmation page will place green check marks and red marks next to the items that imported successfully or unsuccessfully.


You should see the import complete. Click Continue to return to the course.

You will find your imported element in the same-numbered module where it appeared in its original course. To move items to a different module, you will click Turn Editing On and drag the item into place.